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For over 70 years, the company REFRACOL Dupont et Cie has been giving industrialists the support they need and taking up all the challenges laid down. The performances of its unshaped refractory products and its sense of service have brought the Company REFRACOL Dupont et Cie international renown.

REFRACOL is still today engaged in helping bring about technical improvements which will be tomorrow’s industrial successes.

Our Products

Castables mixes

Dense or insulating castables mixes. Normal, low or ultra low cement castable mixes…



Air setting, hot setting, heat setting cements, mastics, glues, coating, mortars, patches and acid-resistant cements…


Precast Shapes

Precast pieces dried up to 600°C. Small or medium serial productions, 10 kg to 12 Tons weight unit.


Ramming Mixes

Dry or wet ramming mixes, high magnesia or high ­alumina ramming mixes with ceramic or chemical setting…


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